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Gays Upon This Holy Book

I posted this on Rawkus Caucus also, but it’s too important not to share here too.

Check out this actual flier the RNC is mailing out in Arkansas.

Sort of puts a lie to the notion that conservatives are the real champions of tolerance. See, there’s this myth California Republicans like to perpetrate that because of PC university speech codes (which I agree are stupid, btw, and they cost my liberal Democrat father a job once) and smoking bans, Republicans are actually the champions of tolerance, because they “tolerate” intolerant people.

Anyone who’s ever lived in the South can set them straight. And yeah, I know the popular rhetorical tactic is to say that Democrats were pro-slavery, pro-Jim Crow, etc…Study up on history. That was back when the Republicans were the liberal party and the Democrats the coservative one. All those segregationist Democrats eventually ended up Republicans — Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, Trent Lott, etc. Zell Miller took long enough, but he’s finally headed that direction too.

I went to high school in the South. It wasn’t liberals who banned the sale of beer and wine in restaurants. It wasn’t liberals who passed bills that allow people to be arrested for using profanity in public. It wasn’t liberals who beat up my half-black/half-Jewish friend every night he walked home from school alone. It wasn’t liberals who addressed anyone who looked different as “Fag.” (Yeah, I know I do that sometimes. It’s a joke. I’ve tried to stop doing it around people who don’t find it funny, unless they call me a redneck and then all bets are off.)

It wasn’t liberals who tried to change my valedictory speech to be more “inspirational,” forced us to say the pledge, or invited Christian youth groups and the Navy Band to perform at pep rallies. Nor was it liberals who sealed the old records of a very dubious high school principal of mine so that misdeeds in his past could not be held against him.

And I know of no liberal who wants to ban the Bible (“Freedom of religion” does not mean “Freedom to have your religion dominate public discourse.”). I do, however, know of many conservative Christians who would ban any other book that had the same level of sex and violence.

Liberals do want to allow gay marriage. They’re right about that. Just wrong that it’s any of your damn business who marries who.

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1 comment to Gays Upon This Holy Book

  • Ghostboy

    What’s really odd is that they show two very average looking guys…not kissing, not being flaming, just barely holding hands. I wouldn’t have thought subtlety would work on people as simple minded as this campaign must be targeted towards, but I guess when you’ve got that predisposition ingrained in you, you only need the slightest suggestion to become riled up.

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