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Don’t forget — Cathy’s World gets rocked tomorrow!


4pm, Hotel Figueroa, downtown near Olympic & Fig. Free admission, free food. You just gots to rsvp to theadvicegoddess(at)aol-dot-com.

Though I can’t tell you the program specifics, I was VERY involved in the programming from a creative standpoint, and fans of any aspect of my artistic expression over the years will find much to enjoy, especially if they also know Cathy.

Plus every guest who wants one will be able to sign up at the event for a FREE DVD of the event plus bonus features, which again, I was heavily involved with.

But hell, y’all, it’s a free thing to do with free food. Isn’t that enough?

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3 comments to Don’t forget — Cathy’s World gets rocked tomorrow!

  • We’re going, we’re going. Hell, I even bought a dress just for the event!

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  • Crid

    Goddammit, I missed it, but will pay green leafy money for the DVD

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  • Crid, you don’t have to pay a cent. We’re so damn grateful that LYT’s video turned out good that we’ll mail it to you free as fellow Luke Thompson fans. Just e-mail me your address.

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