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Farewell, Tom Snyder, you were awesome

I missed the man's heyday, and will always remember him as being so unhip he was cool.


He was my inspiration on at least one occasion. 

USA Today, today’s issue, page 5D

One of the guys in that photo looks familiar…

Y’all do know I’m still blogging, right?

I'm Comic-Con blogging here.

Ran into Harry O.G. Martini181 down here. Have to say his "Murdered JonBenet" outfit is the cutest damn thing.

new stuff

I did a theater review this week. A bit different, but I hope you like it.


Also a review of the movie Moliere.


Comic-Con blogging continues HERE

Comic-Con blogging

It's all gonna be at the OC blog.

Latest screen forays

If anyone was waiting on a set report for my latest acting gig, here you go.

Unhappy Endings

My Voice colleague Nathan Lee recently wrote a defense of his occasional propensity for spoiling endings, in the NYT.

I'm curious what readers think about this. The only time I've ever had someone ask me to spoil an ending is when they're fairly certain they will never see that particular movie. This seems to be more [...]

Don’t worry…

My favorite coworker Derek took me to some awesome bars tonight. I did okay.

Won’t anyone have dinner with me tonight?

It's my birthday.

Todai sushi/seafood buffet gives you a coupon for a free meal on your birthday PROVIDED you come in with at least one other paying customer.

I like seafood and sushi.

Must I eat alone? 

Dream the impossible dream

How many of you thought I'd never have female company at a wrestling event?

 You were wrong.

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