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Last post the year

I’ve been looking back over previous year-ends lately.

I began 2005 with a movie shoot, ended it with three holes in my stomach and endless medical bills.

I began 2006 optimistic, ended it unemployed.

I began 2007 preparing for a job interview with WWE in Stamford, Connecticut; ending it in Santa Ana.


Wait…Tyler Perry’s in the new Star Trek movie????

Bad idea. Really bad idea. Might as well cast Uwe Boll next.

But perhaps now there’s hope for Douglas Dunning to be the Klingon Captain.

Person of the Year

For the past three years, I’ve given out an anti-award in retaliation for time’s stupid-ass selections of “The American Soldier” and “You” as person of the year. Criteria here were for being the person who had the most influence on the website besides me.

Our first winner was Patrick Graham, for being everyone’s favorite commenter;

Our second [...]

Beggin’ Time

Anybody doing anything for New Year’s Eve? I got nothing.

Cool Company, Uncool Company

Two run-ins with big bureaucracies today…

Health insurance — because I did not submit an enrollment form exactly four months after I was hired, I must now wait until May to do it. This is moronic. I won’t say that they never told me that — it may well have been one of a zillion things [...]

Year end stuff

I’m totally asking for it with my 2007 movie top ten, so have at it.

But you may also be interested in my take on the Year in Horror.

And don’t forget to keep tabs on the OC blog — bonus horror interviews lurk therein, and more will be added soon.

Aliens versus themselves

Based on my recent AVP review, some have asked exactly how I would rank teh Alien and Predator movies. Here’s how:

1. Alien (theatrical or director’s cut — not much in it)
2. Aliens (theatrical cut ONLY)
3. Predator
4. Predator 2
5. Alien3 (pseudo director’s cut for the DVD set; Fincher not involved, but attempt made to duplicate his [...]

Did everyone…

…see the teaser trailer for WALKIN’ MY BABY BACK HOME?

If not, do so now

Check out this video: Teaser Trailer

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[reminder: I'm in this movie. And that girl with the cool hair who stars in it is my sister.]

A plea to rock bands everywhere

Somebody, somewhere…please write a NEW song about kung-fu that’s even the slightest bit catchy.

I will thank you forever, if it’s worth a damn.

Anything, anyFUCKINGthing so that whenever a new comedy involving martial arts comes out, I no longer have to hear GOD-DAMN “Whoa-ho-ho-hooooo! Whoa-ho-ho-hooooo! Everybody was kung-fu fighting!”

Yes, Dreamworks and Kung-fu Panda, I’m looking at [...]

And how was your Xmas?


Is there any kind of metaphor or social commentary? Not exactly — this movie’s idea of subtlety is to have the Predalien attack a maternity ward, to show that all kinds of animals breed, I guess.

Here’s a glimpse of what I thought, with a link to a more [...]

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