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Year end stuff

I’m totally asking for it with my 2007 movie top ten, so have at it.

But you may also be interested in my take on the Year in Horror.

And don’t forget to keep tabs on the OC blog — bonus horror interviews lurk therein, and more will be added soon.

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4 comments to Year end stuff

  • Edwin

    For a minute there, I thought your editorial assistant, Amanda Parsons, was Lindsay Lohan…

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  • ReJeKt

    That will probably be one of the only top 10 lists where I’ve actually seen at least 8 of the movies on it, so I’m fine with it.

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  • Peggy C

    When we went to see “No Country for Old Men” and the credits rolled, a giant groan escaped from the audience and one of the men hollered “WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!” That pretty much summed up my take on it–the people I know who saw it all felt ripped off, and they’re stunned that everyone is making it #1 on their lists.

    The BF thinks it was great 2/3rds of the way through, so I guess that’s what everyone’s basing it on.

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  • LYT

    I tried to warn everyone I knew going in that the ending’s unconventional, but as soon as you try to do that, it’s always “Don’t tell me anything! Don’t tell me anything!” I knew in advance that it wasn’t going to have a predictable payoff, but not specifically how.

    Still, the ending is essential — the whole point of the movie, as embodied in the title, is that this old man can’t hack it any more, that the world is overwhelming him and he can’t beat the bad guy (who’s an allegory for all bad guys). As I said in the piece, it’s the anti-Eastwood.

    So I’m not basing my rating on merely the first 2/3 — it’s the whole package for me.

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