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Person of the Year

For the past three years, I’ve given out an anti-award in retaliation for time’s stupid-ass selections of “The American Soldier” and “You” as person of the year. Criteria here were for being the person who had the most influence on the website besides me.

Our first winner was Patrick Graham, for being everyone’s favorite commenter;

Our second was Matt King, for being webmaster and co-ordinator in times of my medical emergency;

Our third was Peter Graham, outstanding guest-blogger.

It was hard coming up with one this year. I considered Andy Van De Voorde, for hiring me to OC Weekly; Janine Kahn, for being my back-up so many times; and Brian Gaughan, for lending me his laptop during the WICKED LAKE shoot.

But I came to a decision eventually.

LYTrules.com’s person of the year for 2007 is…

TODD NAUCK, for drawing the image you see below…


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