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Everything Changes

Yeah, so…we’ve altered things just a little bit around these parts. Click around and check it out.

If you loved the old site – it’s still here, under the heading of “Everything Else.” In time, those pages may be incorporated into the new design, but for now, they’re still as they were.

I know there are vocal haters of the white text on black background. Trust me, I know…but there’s no easy fix. We’re working on figuring out a way to let you change colors like you could before, but it won’t be happening today or tomorrow. Highlighting the text with your cursor might have to be the fallback option.

Comments on the blog have changed – regulars are encouraged to sign in and create a profile. This is not mandatory, but if you want to leave a comment without registering, you’ll have to do one of those “capcha” things where you write down the letters you see in a picture.

Also, any entries more than 90 days old will be closed to comments.

If you are a friend of mine who’s in a position to get scripts made, please note that I have made the first ten pages of four of my scripts available for download on the writing page. I dare you to read just ten pages; when you’re hooked, I’ll give you the rest.

The right sidebar now features links to my stuff all around the web – check E! online every Friday, check the others out if you like…please note that on social networks, I only tend to add people I actually know.

Oh, and if you understand the whole “Digg” thing and all those little logos at the bottom of each post, please go to town and promote the posts you like.

Any questions?

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3 comments to Everything Changes

  • How come you hate America and continue to leave posts uncategorized?

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  • Peggy C

    I like the new look! I tried to log in and it didn’t recognize my password, which I’m sure is the correct one. If it won’t work again next time, I’ll let you know.

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  • Hello Peggy,

    You’ll have to register to log-in. It’s a completely new system.


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