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Where do we go from here?

We’ve come a long way, you readers and I, these nine years. And if any of you are still around, you know I haven’t been updating this blog much any more. There are many reasons for this. Facebook basically destroyed the blogosphere, allowing people to interact and share items the way only folks with blogs used to. It’s notable that the blogs I still read regularly are those of people either not on FB or barely there.

Also, I have a new full-time job with GeekChicDaily and its upcoming offshoot, GeekChicLA. Unlike past writing positions, this one is centered around an email newsletter that we need eyeballs on, so I will not be linking to any of my work here. You need to sign up (it’s free). When I was freelancing, I used this site to do a links round-up of my stuff; now it’s all one place that I need you to go and get it.

I’m in a long-term relationship, so no more rants about the LA dating scene (it also means less sharing, as I have someone else’s privacy to think of now). Mainly, though, the job takes everything out of me, creative-energy wise, leaving little behind for optional writing. I have entertained the idea of guest-bloggers, but why would any of you want to do that for free?

The regular community of commenters, small as it was, hasn’t been here for a while. It was a good group, from wacky Mario to cranky Max. I basically got rid of the message board a while back, so there isn’t even really a sandbox to play in in my absence.

I’m not taking the site down – I know all too well after the last three or four years how quickly fortunes can change. It’s possible I will need it as a daily or weekly outlet once again. You see my Twitter feed there on the right of the page, and I do suggest following that. I will update the Buzznet photo blog at times also.

Life moves along, and I really miss some of the things and people I seem to have moved along from. The old Press Club crowd are scattered far and few, ditto the USC cinema/1321 crowd. Village Voice Media are no longer a company I feel any ties to (I’d prefer just to remember New Times).

I can still be reached through this site’s contact form, and I can be followed and friended other places. Maybe we’ll build a community here again someday, but for now I’m going into power-saving mode.  Periodic announcements may surface, but steady updates are unlikely.

I hope and trust that the best is yet to come.

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7 comments to Where do we go from here?

  • great work here always, luke. you’ve deserved your present work for some time, and i’m very happy for you. you write and write. things do move along, and it’s just the way it is. i’ve moved along from los angeles, and am making it up day by day. things happen suddenly and swiftly, after periods where nothing seems to happen. it’s good to be open. know i read your work daily!

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  • LYT

    You moved away, Justin? Where? Is it too late to take over the lease at your house?

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  • just sent you a good old-fashioned “e” mail.

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  • BRS

    “Power-saving mode” is totally understandable, Luke, and a good way to put it.

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  • Crid [CridComment at gmail]


    Allright, you fucking polychrome spud… let’s do this. Tits out, straight fisticuffs, final bout, and no tears.

    First, let’s remember that Barry has in recent weeks resurrected one of REAGAN’S boogiemen as his presumptive nemesis… MUAMMAR KHADDAFY is now (again!) the international tyrant in whose mortality America must invest uncounted billions of dollars… And soon enough –no sane man should doubt– thousands of American lives. (Never forget… The Iraq war began with a decade of [Democratically administered] no-fly zones. The Donkey Party adores the deployment of threat display in lieu of actual threats. “Proportional response” and all that. Yours is the party of metrics, as if life never required risk, confrontation, or indeterminate involvement.)

    (And for the record, I’ve never seen uglier exposition through body language than is found in this video from his son, as the family regime resolved not to tolerate revolution on Libyan soil. I have literally saved the video to disk to remind myself which mannerisms to use when I want to offend people on a spiritual level. OK? Qaddafy is an asswipe, and his son is a robotic delivery module for disdainful death. There is no doubt. Yes, I would kill the son with my bare hands, given the merest opportunity. But that’s not the point.)

    Money is tight, and Barry needs to funnel our attention in particular directions. He’s got no more interest in sustaining Dubya’s cartoon figures than he has in sodomizing Bill Clinton’s chubby Jewish interns.

    “But Wait a freaking minute there, Crid-mo-saures!”, I hear you cry… “Aren’t you the vaguely conservative blog-comment weasel who’s repeated insisted that OBL died in the earliest weeks of our Afghanistan incursion?”

    Well, yes, I am that selfsame weasel.

    Let’s try to take a moment and remember what Obama’s presence has meant in this last decade. The cutesy videos and audiotapes from this revolutionary figure have become ever more distorted in tone and content. Ever-less likely to be verified as authentic, ever-less likely to be heard by those who’d have claimed his as a champion, and ever-less coherent… Lately, he’s accepted every fashionable lefty fascination as his own cause, including scientific analysis of global warming. I think he’s even commented on the cliffhanger episodes of sitcoms.) This man is NOT the leader of a global movement…

    He’s NOT, no matter what the Administration and Pentagon are saying this week, and no matter how many disk drive they spin up from the Pakistani “mansion”. Maybe I should concede that OBL is the man who died in that Abbotabad compound last weekend… But he’s not a figure who posed a meaningful threat to the American way of life, wherever in the world it might be practiced.

    I hope and trust that you saw the video of his wretched hovel from Drudge this weekend. This was a pathetic middle-aged bachelor who, between dialysis treatments, kept one hand on his dick and one the TV remote, searching for evidence of his own grandeur. Even *I*, bitter bachelor of bitter bachelors, live better than that.

    And if the video is correct, was this man worth crossing international boundaries to kill? Was he worth invading a sovereign nation –a recipient of American aid and a NUCLEAR POWER– to violently kill?

    He may well have been. He represented an especially pathetic force in global affairs, that of the bitter twelve-year-old boy who will never, ever get laid. Those punks need to know that getting on America’s shitlist is a bad career prospect.

    But no, I don’t admire Obama for getting this done. The awkwardness in his effort to appear righteous in violence has a source… It’s like he’s brought a square dance to the waltz. There’s a very good REASON why all his anti-war supporters from two and three years ago are unable to find words of praise for him at this hour.

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  • LYT

    Aww, Crid, you’re getting me all nostalgic. And I’m at least half-serious about that. The good ol’ days of the LA blogosphere, when we were all kind of one massively entertaining circle jerk. Makes me wanna dye my hair again. Maybe Max will come back and berate my love life once more, or OJ Simpson’s limo driver Rocky Bateman will do something suspicious. Ah for the days before Facebook…before I knew you sported a stylin’ goatee. I confess, I considered going onto your page and gloating momentarily about the old daisy-cutter meme.

    I thought about blogging on the LIbya thing, but like many other things I momentarily thought about blogging, it got lost in the very real swamp of real work. Hence this post, among many other things. In a nutshell, though, I think (a) this is different from Iraq in that the Libyans actually asked for our help, (b) I am pretty much antiwar regardless and (c) I don’t see much of an upside to our involvement. It’s the inevitable moment every presient has when they decide to bomb somebody just to prove they aren’t afraid to. Still, if we must resurrect bogeyman, better this than the Cold War McCain wanted back.

    “Let’s try to take a moment and remember what Obama’s presence has meant in this last decade. ”

    I think you meant to say Osama. Won’t hold it against you as a Freudian typo – everybody makes that misspelling at least once. But interesting you call the Democrats MY party – last I recalled, I was a registered Green who voted Dem in the last two presidential elections, while you kept insisting you were a Democrat who somehow disagreed with everything every Demcoratic candidate stands for.

    I’m dating within a military family now – adds some interesting perspective to things. I find we agree more often than I would have suspected. And yeah, Osama’s death is largely a symbolic victory, there will be blowback, and this doesn’t mean the threat from terrorism is over. Nonetheless, my lady and I popped open some champagne we’d been saving since December for no particular occasion. I don’t favor the death penalty, but I don’t deny the cathartic feeling anyhow.

    And I don’t read Drudge. Never have.

    See you ’round the Internets.

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  • Benjamin Dover

    Luke, you old queen. You are so missed at the Press Club. You were always so faithful in making sure no fat ugly chicks at the parties weren’t hit on or asked for change. Come back. Gala in a week. Volunteer and will send out pizza and beer to the parking lot.

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