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Annual Giving of Thanks

Firstly, I am thankful that we even have a holiday that inspires us to think about all the good things in our lives. I do find it tiresome when some people argue that it’s a celebration of genocide — you can make that argument about Columbus Day, but Thanksgiving commemorates different races getting along…even if, at a later date, they ceased doing so. The Navajo people, for one, are still extraordinarily hospitable toward strangers, if the time I spent on their Rez is any indication. And that’s a trait worth celebrating…especially since it has burned them in the past and yet they maintain it.

I am thankful that my grandfather had a great 86-year run in this life, and went out  more-or-less the way he would have wanted. I’m thankful I got to share him a little bit with all of you. I am also thankful that my grandmother seems to have the spirit, health, and tenacity to still have a productive life even without her one true by her side.

I am thankful that my father still essentially has his health, even though it will never be what it once was.

I am thankful for my brothers, who always bring me joy.

I am thankful for family, and the many wonderful people who have been incorporated into it by marriage (with at least two more to come in the next year, neither of whom I’ve met but am told they are good sorts).

I am thankful that I live in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, beating heart of the entertainment industry with perennially good weather…and NOT in Santa Ana any more.

I am thankful for two great editors, Scott Foundas and Glenn Gaslin, who believe in my ability to deliver.

I am thankful likewise for the filmmakers who believe in my ability to deliver a part of their vision.

I am thankful, perhaps above all, for unemployment benefits.

I am thankful that we finally have an intelligent, thoughtful president…and if you aren’t, consider the alternative, and the predecessor.

I am thankful that I live in perhaps the only major city in the U.S. where life and conversation does not revolve around the local sports team.

I am thankful that gay marriage, while not yet the law of the land, has gained a foothold that is unlikely to be relinquished. Ditto medical marijuana.

I am thankful for all of you.

I am thankful that I am still here, still standing.

I am thankful that I occasionally have hope there will be more to be thankful for by this time next year.

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