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Some pics from my recent UK trip

Even the advertising image of this burger looks unappetizing.


Sherborne Abbey – the great-grandkids practice singing.


Sherborne main street.


Self-portrait in my funeral attire.


Train through Bradford-on-Avon, new hometown for my mother.


Jaz and Zeta Graham, possibly the two most beautiful-looking kids in the world.


Yo-ho, yo-ho.


Mannequin Catfight!


My grandfather’s local church.


In England, even the warning signs are well-mannered.


My grandfather’s grave – [...]

My Grandfather, remembered

If you ever read his columns, please watch this…I promise it is not a Spielbergian tearjerker.

My Grandfather’s Final-Final Column

[Like 2Pac, he be dropping new joints even after he dead. Pretty sure this really is the last one, though. -- LYT]

Don’t I know you?

“Of course I know you.  We met at a conference 20 odd years ago and I remember you well.”  What sort of knowledge is that?  The claim to know someone [...]

Eulogy for Peter Graham

[written and delivered by Luke Y. Thompson, Nov. 20, 2009, at Sherborne Abbey in Dorset, England]

Not long before he died, Peter Graham started a Facebook page.

Probably not everyone here knows what that is, so let me explain: Facebook is an Internet social networking site originally designed for college and high-school students to network with each [...]


One of my regrets is that I never got to England after getting my Flip camera.

You’ve met my grandfather through his written work here on the site; reading his last one, I was struck by the immediacy of it, the way you read it and feel that he’s still there, alive in his work. I [...]

My Grandfather’s Final Column

[This was in his drafts folder, ready to send before he died]

I know what you mean

Only of course I don’t.  I’m even more wrong if I say: “I know just what you mean.”  I guess the claim to this kind of knowledge is that I understand at least what it is you [...]

He's gone.

Peter Bartlemy Graham


The slightly premature obit

Technically, my grandfather, as far as I know, is not dead yet.

Rather, he is in a coma that he is highly unlikely to ever emerge from, after a massive stroke. And as I understand his wishes, he has no desire to ever emerge if it leaves him significantly more disabled than before (he was deaf [...]

I got this email just a couple weeks ago…

Dear Luke,

I hope the article got through OK this time. I now write to let you
know that I’m just beginning to organise a family party to celebrate our
65th wedding anniversary. The date will be Monday, May 31st (Bank
Holiday Monday) 2010. The time middle of the day. The place
[Deleted for family privacy -- [...]


Word has reached me that my grandfather, Peter Graham, whose columns appear here every month, has had a major medical emergency.

I’m not much of a believer in prayer, but he certainly has been. If you feel it appropriate, now would be the time.

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