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Where do we go from here?

We’ve come a long way, you readers and I, these nine years. And if any of you are still around, you know I haven’t been updating this blog much any more. There are many reasons for this. Facebook basically destroyed the blogosphere, allowing people to interact and share items the way only folks with blogs [...]

Yes, I’ve been lax: More FIRST DOLLAR GROSS shows

November 29, with Amy Nicholson and Melissa Molina:
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December 6
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December 13
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December 20, with Julia Boyd and “Emily XXX”
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Next post: catching up on a shit-ton of E! Online reviews. Sorry, readers, it has [...]

Some FIRST DOLLAR GROSS archived shows…

Be sure to watch LIVE every Monday at 4 p.m. California time.

Nov 22 (part 1)
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Nov 22 (part 2)
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Nov 15 (the episode where Jen falls out of her chair)
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Nov 1st:
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E! Reviews: Jackass 3D, My Soul To Take


“After seemingly selling off the remake rights to every movie he’s ever made, Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Hills Have Eyes) has taken the money and, with the freedom to create an all-new tale of terror and release it with an R-rating, he made this? A derivative day-trip to [...]

My Interviews with Corey Feldman and John Malkovich

First, Malkovich:

Your character in Red has a unique perspective on the world, because they say he’s been fed a lot of LSD in the past. How method did you get in your research?

JM: [Laughs] I was never an LSD person, I’m not a drug person. Although pretty much most of my friends [...]

Machete, Takers, The American, more

It has occurred to me that “Links of the Week” is a terrible title for getting traffic. From now on, actual titles in header.

I have, as some readers may be aware, joined the writing staff of Geekchicdaily.com. I will not be regularly linking to articles there, in part because every piece is a collaboration, but [...]

Links of the Week 4-11-10

Pardon my absence. Having an actual, personal life for once means that for the first time I have to figure out how to balance it with the professional, and that’s still a work in progress.
But here’s a bunch of my stuff for you to read:

A review of McDonald’s mushroom and Swiss Angus burger:

All mayo needs [...]

New Round-Up...

For E! Online, a few new items. First, the top 5 worst movies made by 2010 Oscar nominees. Here’s one:

4. Gun Shy, starring and produced by Sandra Bullock (nominated for Best Actress, The Blind Side). Liam Neeson plays an undercover DEA agent with diarrhea. Sandra Bullock falls for him anyway. That is all you need [...]

The articles keep coming…

First, a piece I did for E! on the top 5 Oscar movies most people haven’t seen but should:

5. Food Inc. (Best Documentary Feature)

Why you didn’t see it: Because almost every exposé of the food industry ends up telling you to go vegan, and who needs that? Meat and cheese are delicious!

Why you should: Because [...]

Ten Years in Review

I have a large article over at Geekweek about the past decade in cinema. Here’s the lede:

(Cue Don LaFontaine voice)

“In a decade…when the world seemed led by self-righteous bullies…”

Okay, pause there for a second. I know some of you are instinctively jerking the knee, and assuming I’m going for [...]

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