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“SPL” is a terrible title for a movie, and I’m not even sure what it means. Rumor has it the Weinsteins have picked this one up – I’d have no problem if they retitled it.

IRON MONKEY star Donnie Yen.

MARTIAL LAW star Sammo Hung.

If him, and him…If they fighted…Whowouldwin?

[not the real tagline, but it should be]

Sammo Hung in this film is basically like Marvel Comics villain The Kingpin. He’s fat, in charge, and can whup your ass despite his fatness. The cops are so mad at him that they’ve taken to trying to frame him, but the one cop on the force who really wants to get him is having to retire due to a brain tumor.

In comes Donnie Yen to replace him. But Donnie’s an honest cop, so before he can kick the bad guys’ asses, he has to kick the good guys’ asses too, for being corrupt. Then, and only then, can he grab the bad guy, who of course has one super-awesome elite bodyguard that you have to go through first.

Expanding on this plot is pointless. It’s all window-dressing for everything I’ve just said. And the ending is pretty twisted.

Go. You know you want to.

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