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THE WOODS has an MPAA rating

It’s been “Rated R for horror violence and language, including sexual references.”

Now, just a warning to hardcore horror fans — it isn’t a “hard R.” The violence in it isn’t hugely bloody, in fact there’s less blood than in MAY. I was fairly sure it would be a PG-13, but I think what pushed it over the edge is some of the frank teenage dialogue.

Also, despite the girl’s school setting, there is no nudity. Just wanna make sure you don’t expect any.

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3 comments to THE WOODS has an MPAA rating

  • ReJeKt

    I’ve always loved the one “fuck” per pg-13 movie rule, and really appreciate when it’s taken advantage of to full affect.

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  • LYT

    To the best of my memory, there only is one “fuck” in THE WOODS.

    There’s plenty of usage of another borderline obscene word that begins with “f,” though…but if I told you which one, I’d be spoiling one of the movie’s best moments.

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  • ReJeKt





    I hope it’s fisting, which has been majorly under-represented in feature films lately.

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