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I finally figured out how to update my links page, and did so, removing a few dead ones and adding some I should have added for quite a while.

Friendster is no longer on there — I’ve come to see it as too much of a crutch. If you’re really a friend of mine, you know how to contact me and shouldn’t need that site. I’m not going to delete my profile, but nor do I ever expect to log in again.

RiShawn Biddle’s blog seems to be dead, so I’ve changed that link to point to his homepage instead. sean (connery)’s new URL replaces his old. ReJeKt’s old blog no longer works, so that link’s gone, but if he ever gets a new one and tells me where it’s at, he’ll be back.

Several new favorite sites have been added in the toys and politics sections.

If I forgot you, as always, let me know.

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  • Jaye

    Thanks for being the first to share some love for Poperratic. I appreciate it, very much. Thanks for the awesome partying tonight too. I should have brought you with me to the second place. The host regretted that you weren’t there. I’d forgotten that you two had even met. Next time. I’m told you are invited to all shindigs she holds.

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