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The unnamed screenplay project is in full swing. Paul and I are pretty much in seclusion for the week. But we took a break tonight to go see WWE Raw, and followed that with a show by WWE star Chris Jericho’s heavy metal band Fozzy.

Raw wasn’t the greatest of shows, but it was unexpected to see Kane’s shotgun wedding go well, and the battle between Ric Flair and William Regal was an old-school contest to teach the younguns a thing or two.

Fozzy played the Anaheim House of Blues, and I have to admit to being very impressed. On record, they often come off less well, I think in large part because it’s hard not to single out Jericho’s voice and correlate it with wrestling promos, but live they put on a great show. As I would expect, anyone who knows how to play to a wrestling crowd has to have the showman thing down, and he does, very naturally.

In the crowd were WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia, anti-American tag team wrestler Sylvan Grenier, and divas Nidia and Victoria. Paul and I had VIP passes for the balcony, but they were the most useless VIP passes ever — no-one went up there. It wasn’t a sell-out show, so the crowd wasn’t unmanageable for the stars, and they stayed on the floor.

Met Chris briefly backstage afterwards — very personable, like his ring persona. ’twas brief, and I didn’t get any dinner before I got home. But hey, I hung with Y2J.

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